Rebecca uses music and the creative arts to make God's Word come alive in
illustrated teachings, films, and worship.



Potter & Clay Ministry

"I think the potter's wheel ministry  is nothing short of a modern-day parable.

The talk manages to include scriptural insight (lots of it), emotional powers,

 Spiritual depth, and a great analogy about God's relationship to us.

Chris Legg, Chaplain for Pine Cove Retreats


Featured Music Video, "You're the Way"
Filmed on location in Northern Ireland and Scotland
Rebecca inspires us with a powerful message of Trust and Surrender to Christ Jesus. 


New film now available!
Celtic Pilgrimage,, created and hosted by Rebeccaa

Rebecca bravely walks us through this inspiring and informative journey to the past. It's part history and part mystery filled with powerful truths and profound promises.
Ray Hughes, Founder of Selah Ministries

What happens when a contemporary film-maker has an encounter with stories of Celtic monasticism
from centuries ago? Her imagination is unleashed, we see the world with fresh eyes, and are invigorated.
-Andy Raine, Author, Speaker, Leader at Northumbria Community


TV Show, "Radical Makeovers"
now avaiable on Pure Flix and TBN!
Travel with Rebecca to fillm30 women around the world who share their
"makeover stories" of being transformed by Christ.   Click HERE for more.



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