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Take this bread, this is My body
Broken and torn for you
Take this cup, this is My blood
Spilled and poured out for you

Now you are flesh of My flesh
You are bone of my bone
You're My bride, my beloved
Where I make my home
So come sit at My table
Taste of the feast
In holy communion with Me

Take to heart, My victory
Sin has lost the war
The garden's curse has been reversed
You don't have to hide any more

And when you eat
And when you drink
Remember Me
That I won't be gone forever
'Cause someday
I'll split the sky
And I will come for you
My beautiful Bride


You call me loved when I am lonely
You call me close when I'm afraid of the dark
You call me home when I go running
You say, child, come run into My arms again

Daddy, daddy
come and hold me
like only, only You can
Daddy, daddy
come and love me
like only, only You can

You call me Beautiul, though I may argue with the mirror
You call me precious, You say that I have nothing to fear
You call me Yours, You call me worth dying for
And I can't run from a love that's just too hard to ignore

I believe Your love is strong enough
To come and heal this heart
That needs so much
I can see You coming, running now
To save the day
When You hear me say
Daddy, daddy

And You say,
Child, child come running to Me...
Daughter, daughter
Come and hold me
Like only, only you can
Daughter, daughter
Come and love me
Like only, only you can

Are you tired of your horn
The thing that makes you special
The thing that makes you scorned
You don't fit into the herd
"Guess you'd better start
a tribe of your own

Go get the hungry ones who won't see when they see
Go get the hungry ones who dispise packaging
God get the rabble
Bring them to His mystical table
You can share His life
You can call them
The Body of Christ

You know there's a whole lot more like you
With eyes and ears that don't match
And left handed shoes
Plough your horn into their souls
Embrace the broken
And love them even more

There was a king born long ago
He saved the world
But he flunked all the poles
He taught us to love
When He gave His life away
Called us then, and He calls to us today

I'm trying to remember
Who I used to be
Before the laws of gravity
Got a hold of me
And they said there was no sky
But I think I used to fly

So I've been painting all these pictures
And dreaming all these dreams
Tryng to put my finger
On the real me
Until You opened up my eyes
Gave me back the skies
When You said...

Let me be your mirror
Let me show you who you are
We'll peal off those labels
And we'll fix the broken stars
We'll crucify the photographs
That never spoke your heart
'Cause I've seen through all the labels
Just how beautiful you are
It will all come clear
If you let me be your mirror

This world will try to tell you

What you are and what you're not
But God alone remembers
What they've all forgot
When He dreamed you up one day
With a dream that never changed

Let me be your mirror...