Rebecca Friedlander's sophomore project, "Pioneers", goes far beyond its
billing as a 'mentoring film'; it is as much a series of living portraits of artists, bound by a Living God, who use their instruments, voices and lyrics as humble offerings to the masses in orderto display His endless love and grace.
Rebecca invites us in to living-room conversations with our favorite Christian Music pioneers. She has captured on film a legacy of experience and wisdom which will outlast the music.
Well worth the watch!
Christine Dente
Solo Artist and member of duo,
Out of the Grey

What an incredible journey I have taken! The veteran artists spoke just what my soul longed for them to say to the younger generation.  I was so moved by all their own work too--there is not one I could pull out above the others.  You could feel the annointing on them as they shared from their hearts.  Praise God!

Joy- Worship Team Member and School Teacher


Whether you are a 'gospel music fan' or not, you will be both moved and
motivated by the sheer honest emotion these amazing and seasoned performers bring to this piece.

As host/narrator, Ms. Friedlander creates a relaxed and innocently informal atmosphere that allows these music industry sages to 'just tell it like it is' in a positive, endearing, and 'non-testimonial' fashion that creates a tapestry of experiences that will serve as an inspiration to ANY artistic
Believer seeking both guidance and reinforcement for their chosen career

A moving instrumental underscore bedrocks the interview sequences; add to that lively cuts and graphics, along with a performance video or two by the interviewees and the host, and you've got an entertaining, uplifting picture that flows effortlessly through its 90-minute runtime.

-Jefferson Moore, CEO of Kelly's Filmworks

Last Friday I had the privilege of attending a film release of “Pioneers” by Rebecca Friedlander. For the past several months, Rebecca has been traveling the United States, interviewing some of the pioneers of the Christian music industry including well known artists such as Annie Herring, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, and plenty more. She posed questions as asked by undiscovered Christian artists to these veterans and captured their wisdom for the next generation.

In a very personable fashion, the film segues between the young artists asking questions and the responses from the seasoned vets. Snippets of some of the questions and responses were shown at the release, all of which were insightful, witty, and often times outright hilarious.

As ridiculous as it may sound, I walked away from the preview feeling a near personal connection with some of these trail blazers. 

They shared stories and experiences that I’m certain all artists can relate with and will find instructive, encouraging, and let’s not forget humorous and entertaining.

The film comes in two editions, the bread and butter documentary and then a dual-DVD mentoring edition with plenty of extras.

Dave Wolff- Seriously Productions, 5 Dragon Daughter

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