Feasting in Style

In the episode Fear no more, artist Charla starts her story lost in a dense forest and lands at an extravagant feast table.  That table was arranged by Nancy Warner especially for the shoot.   The silver is real but the flowers aren't all genuine!   Secret- the pink peonies are plastic!   Watch the video here.


Jessica's dress came about on a last minute whim!  After searching for the perfect dress, Rebecca finally pulled one of from her wedding dress collection.   We wanted fabric reminiscent of a sail boat with an elegant flare.  Voila! Watch the video here.

Old World Markets

Jerusalem, Israel has fashionable malls and very current, European clothing trends.  Instead of capturing current fashion, we decided to film Oriel in the ancient markets of the Old City.   Turquoise, silver, and silk scarves were much more fun to shoot!

Abigail is seen in "Courageous Beauty" and the "Mirror" music video, both filmed in Alaska.   Rebecca found this lovely wedding dress at a second hand store in Alaska.   She talked the owner down to $15!   It turned out to be the perfect size for Abigail, and they had a lot of fun filming!   Alaska creeks are VERY cold even in summer, so Abigail demonstrated some courageous beauty while gettng completely soaked for the shoot!

Rebecca: crimson dresses are perfect for flying.   Long ago a prophet told me that if you dream about flying, it means that God has called you to great faith.  This dress was given to me the day after I decided to start production on RM.   Traveling to Texas, it was worn by Charla in her music video "Gown."  (I made her stand on a fence post for this photo!)   Out west in Arizona, it was worn by the beautiful Norwegian model, Isabele.