Producer Rebecca Friedlander bal


   Producer Rebecca Friedlander balanced numerous hats to pull off "Radical Makeovers!"   Freelance videographer, photographer, music artist, potter and speaker, she decided to take a year and pursue the idea vision of creating a new TV show, Radical Makeovers, to share the powerful ways Christ transforms lives.  As a public speaker for over 12 years and producer of  the docudrama "Girl Perfect," she loves finding new, adventurous ways to experience and capture Truth.  

   "God's treasures are buried in His people," she states.  "My joyful challenge is finding and capturing them to share with the world."  More videos and fun stuff at:


Fun facts:

Fav place in the world:
Israel.  Alaska is second, but anywhere in Western Europe is pretty amazing!

Craziest travel story: Can't choose- there are too many!   Possibly when the Paris flat I was staying in was broken into.  The thick, glass security door was smashed when an irate Parisian man burst in, demanding access the man who had spit on his head.   Much to the bewilderment of the man upstairs who had been smoking and casually spit out his window.   I was taking a walk the next day and stumbled upon the shattered glass from the door across in a box across the street.   Of course, we used it as a prop in our film shoot that day.

Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 43:18,19 and Jeremiah 29:13