"The Story"

An 18 minute short film chronicling the epic battle and journey of several warriors who are led from slavery to freedom.  Filmed in Alaska.

"The Teaching"
Using "The Story" as a guide, this segment covers the basics of spiritual warfare including:
-Personal Freedom
-When and How to set others Free
-Powerful, Biblical Weapons
Filmed in Spain and Israel with producer Rebecca Friedlander
35 minutes

For Church or Ministry Broadcast:
"Spiritual Warfare 101" may be aired as The Story alone, or along with The Teaching.  A PDF Discussion Guide is also available.

For TV Broadcast:
 The film is available for broadcast in these options:
1- the 18 minute film can stand alone.
2- the 28 minute program includes the film and commentary on highlights that will connect with the General Christian Market.
3- 58 minute program includes The Story, the full, Biblical Teaching about spiritual warfare, and actor interviews that target more of a Charismatic interest.

Created by Rebecca Friedlander
(c) 2016
Contact: seedsTVshow@gmail.com
(903) 240-3743

PDF Discussion Guide: click here


 Rebecca Fried lander is one of the rising stars of Christian filmmaking today. Her great heart for reaching the souls of this world is equally matched by her cinematic talent, and Biblical wisdom.

- Pam Farrel, author of bestselling book and DVD curriculum - Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

It seems much of the modern church has forgotten the simple truth that we are at war with the enemy of God…the Liar.  Rebecca Friedlander has captured on film the basic truths necessary to equip the body of Christ to set the captive free. The cinematography is breath-taking. The picture painted is unforgettable. Coupled with the Truth of God’s Word, the imagery captured is sure to leave an indelible mark on the soul and captivate the imagination with wonder…and more than that, sure to help equip the body for the work at hand - setting the captive free!  Well done, Rebecca! Well done!

Dennis Jernigan, CEO Shepherd's Heart Music, Songwriter, Minister

Friedlander links Peretti-style imagination with Biblical truth to graphically capture the reality of spiritual warfare. Every move has meaning, so watch carefully for insights into the breaking of spiritual bondage. Take time to ponder the message and to be edified by her original music.

—Dr. Tom Riley, Minister and Church Planter for Churches of Christ, Director of Outreach for the College of Bible, Lipscomb University, Nashville

Wow, I am emotionally wrecked. When the woman opens the trunk after getting set free and unfolds the parchment with your song in the background, the perfect setting of the waterfall, the new clothes, I am a mess. You pulled on my heart. So much healing through this visual picture. You tell the story and painted the picture for me.. Stunning!

-Melinda Jernigan, Women's Minister, Shepherd's Heart Music

Beautifully photographed against the majesty of the Alaskan countryside, this thought-provoking piece will enlighten young and old alike, while deftly holding their collective attention with its innovative camera work, choreographed swordplay, and soundtrack.

To quote an old country preacher from my childhood, "I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day."

-Jefferson Moore, Actor, Director, and CEO of Kelly's Filmworks

Now there is a powerful way to understand simple truths that can help you protect you and your family from the attacks of Satan.

Spiritual Warfare 101 is a timeless teaching that has been beautifully filmed in Alaska for today’s visual audience. Rebecca Friedlander is an intentional story teller and has put her own story of freedom on film for presentation on TV, Church or ministry broadcasts. A Discussion guide is also offered as a helpful tool.
This is not your average aseptic presentation. With her original music, keen artistic eye and characterizations…101 holds your attention and draws your imagination into the heart of the battle between.…a battle that must be won.

-Pastor Jerry Bryant
Nashville Worship City Alliance

"The beautiful scenery, costumes and cast will capture the attention of believers and unbelievers alike. Whether you're young or old, this film is filled with great truths that will leave you better equipped to engage in spiritual warfare."
-Michelle, graduate of Mercy Ministries