Filmed at an abandoned abbey in Italy (my brother Peter filmed the shots of me),

"Mirror" features my friend Lara (filmed in TX).

I produced and co-filmed this video for "Seeds" TV show.

Thanks Lucas Kitchen for filming shot of me on the piano.   This video also stars Natalie Westbrook, who also stars in the GP film.



My friends the Kohlers helped me with this one!  

Jessica loaned her little daughter and Joel filmed, while I tried to keep my teeth from chattering in the December wind!


Here's two trailers I created for the "Girl Perfect, Docudrama" film.  


"In Awe" ... thanks to the Grimes' sisters who created this marvelous dance to go with it!


This video was shot on location in Scotland.  The island was just off the coast, and my brother Peter Friedlander helped me film it.

Again with the help of my brother, Peter, the video below was filmed in Israel at En Gedi, one of my favorite places.