About Pioneers

 The idea to create a mentoring documentary to both honor veteran artists and create a mentoring tool started brewing during the past 5 years while interviewing artists on my TV show, Seeds.  Each time I sat down with a Pioneer Artist, I found myself hanging on every word and thinking, "What depth they have as artists and human beings!  So many people would benefit from listening to their hearts!"

 I felt my soul drinking something I wanted to share with the Body of Christ.  

So I began by interviewing my young, indie artist friends.  I called them up and began with my infamous line (~they're used to me), "Hey, I have this idea!"  I told them to ask questions on five topics:

Solo Artists, Songwriting, Worship, Business, and  Family. 

We filmed in coffeeshops and studios and churches after worship practice and kitchen tables.  I told them to be honest.   Really honest.  And they were.

Then I typed up those questions, packed my bags, and  met with  artists who have been in music ministry anywhere from 20 to 40 years.  I traveled from Georgia to Kansas, the Colorado Rockies to an Oklahoma ranch; Indiana farm land to suburban Nashville and drove through a Wisconsin snow storm.  I didn't have a huge budget, just passion and a fervent faith that God would make the pieces come together.   I told each of the veteran artists the same thing: be honest, be yourself.  We prayed each time that God's anointing would bring thoughts and stories to mind.  The result is a film that I am tremendously passionate about and excited to share you!

May it encourage and inspire you!

God Bless,




    Rebecca Friedlander is an independent artist, videographer, and worship leader.   She hosts SeedsTV show, and speaks and sings using her potter's wheel as a teaching tool.   "Pioneers" is her second documentary..

~"Pioneers" is due to release on DVD in July 2013 as a 90 minute documentary, and 3+ hour  6 part mentoring series

~Features: interviews with 11 veteran artists and 4 veteran manager/marketing specialists, and 7 new music videos of their songs.   Also featuring a newly released song from Melody Green (wife of Keith Green) performed by a young artist. 

~Check back soon to order!