Behind the Scenes

The Rockies in February are always stunning.   But as I drove with Buck Herring through the winding, snow covered roads, listening to first hand stories of Keith Green and people I'd only read about in books, I nearly had to pinch myself, and it wasn't jut because of the amaing scenery!   Meeting Buck and Annie was like a fairytale.  Annie was so beautiful and gracious.  Her music room peared out into layers of forests and mountains.    In the morning, she pointed out a good place to hike, so I slipped outside and huffed through the thin mountain air.   The path overlooked a large, snow-covered lake and I thought, this really is Narnia!   Above is a shot of the Colorado Rockies as the sun climbed into the sky.

In the heartland of America, Nancy Honeytree lives with her husband J.R. and son, William.  I had some great adventures, not only doing the interview, but talking Nancy into filming her music video in their back yard!   Haha, it snowed several inches the day after I left and let me tell you, it was COLD!   But I kept jumping around saying, "These shots look awesome!   I PROMISE it will be worth it!"   Nancy is a gracious, humble, lovely lady, whose music still touches so many all around the world.  She's learned her songs in various languages, including Farsi, and is fluent in Spanish.   She hosts a hispanic TV station!   It was so great to hang out with her.


My dad's favorite musical artist is Paul Clark.   So he and my brother and I drove up to Kansas City and met with Paul, who graciously invited us to film in his home.  My brother Peter and I set up our cameras in front of his vintage guitars and plyed him with all sorts of questions.    As we filmed, huge flakes of snow started to float down outside of the windows.   We finished the interview and noticed that one of our candles had melted all over the top of Paul's guitar!   The next morning, we were snowed into our hotel until noon when the snow ploughs bailed us out.  

Paul graciously played my dad's favorite song... see video...