Short Bio:
Rebecca Friedlander has been in full-time ministry for 17 years, ministering both locally and internationally using creative arts and music. As a worship leader, she has copyrighted more than 300 songs and released 13 CDs.  As a film producer, her productions include Seeds TVGirl PerfectPioneersA Southeast Alaskan Odyssey, Spiritual Warfare 101, Celtic Pilgrimage, and Thin Places. 

Her newest production, Radical Makeovers, is a TV series about beauty, featuring makeovers and testimonies of 40 girls around the world who have overcome image-related issues. Visit for more information. She lives in San Diego, California.

About Rebecca:
Rebecca Friedlander uses a variety of artistic mediums to express her stories and passion for the Kingdom of God. She has been in full time ministry for over 15 years, ministering both locally and internationally. Using guitar and piano, as well as a variety of instruments, she has recorded and produced or co-produced 12 CDs and copyrighted over 300 songs.

Film Projects:

"Celtic Pilgrimage" is a film and book that looks at the revival and missions movement of the Dark Ages. 97 minutes long, releasing in March, 2018

"Radical Makeovers," an episodic TV show was filmed and created by Rebecca in five countries to capture the life-changing stories of 30 women who have encountered Christ.   Currently available on Pure Flix, it has aired on TBN, JUCE, NRB, and networks in China, Russia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Eastern Europe, UK, and India.

"Spiritual Warfare 101"  Filmed on location in Alaska, Rebecca shares the powerful truths of spiritual warfare through a story with sword fighters, epic battles, and stunning scenery.  

In 2013 produced,
"Pioneers," a documentary mentoring series and TV mini-series where young artists ask questions of the Pioneers of Christian music.   Featuring 12 artist, along with music videos and in depth interviews, "Pioneers" endevours to capture the heart and legacy of the veterans of CCM.

In the fall of 2013, "Alaska String Band, A Southeast Alaskan Odyssey," in and around Juneau, Alaska.   The film features ASB music videos with educational advantures which now airs on PBS.

 In 2012 she directed, filmed, and starred in a film "Girl Perfect, Docudrama," the true life story of Jennifer Strickland a former runway model for Giorgio Armani.  The film deals with topics such as eating disorders and suicide as it explores the truth about the modeling industry.   Teaming up with her brother, also a videographer, Rebecca filmed in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Paris for several weeks and then worked with various talent in Texas to complete the film.

Her first TV program "Seeds" aired on JUCE TV, Parables network, NRB, and more. Her show features both local artists and national artists such as Mandisa, Newsboys, Rick Pino, JJ Heller, and well as many of the CCM pioneer artists such as Annie Herring and Randy Stonehill. She’s filmed on location in Scotland, Israel, and England to help bring Biblical truths to life.

Leading up to these current art endeavors, Rebecca spent several years as a cast member of the drama, "The Promise", the passion play in Glen Rose, TX. She worked as an intern as Somma Music and Recording Studio for 2 ½ years. She has held position of worship leader in a number of churches in the East Texas Area in both denominational and non-denominational churches.

In step with her love for people and the creative arts, Rebecca founded "God's Image Photography" to offer personal photoshoots with a cinematic feel.  Click
HERE for info. 

In 1989, Rebecca's family endured a horrific car accident. She, along with her dad and younger brother were thrown from the car. Rebecca suffered some broken bones and had glass on her face, which landed her in the hospital for two weeks followed by a wheel chair and crutches for a short amount of time. Her dad suffered a brain injury that nearly killed him, and a chain of events led to her parents divorce. Through a myriad of circumstances, Rebecca was out of contact with her dad for 8 years after her move to Texas as a teenager. Rebecca recieved Christ as her savior as a very young child, but just like everyone, we each have to make a choice on whether to follow Him daily through the tough places in life.   Sometimes it takes questions and wrestling to become real in our faith journey.

During those years, God made Himself the real Father to the fatherless in a single-parent home.    And just to prove that He can do anything, God restored the relationship with her dad, who now has a special ministry or rest and restoration that Rebecca is involved in. There has been healing and growth on both sides, and God has used them together in a very special way.

As she began to write and develop her art, also growing through a time of laying down music for a while, Rebecca began to have a passion to know the heart of God deeper. Art became and expression of worship. Today she uses the art of music and pottery to illustrate the reality of God and His desire to intimately connect with His people, as well as the journey of faith that prepares us, the Bride of Christ, for the King of Kings!  .