Be a part of bringing some fantastic story revival history to life!  A follow-up to "Celtic Pilgrimage," the new film "Thin Places" shares how ancient Celtic communities were built around the Presence of God, and follows the thread of revival from the 6th century to the 1900s.


Watch epic drama reinactments, travel to locations in Ireland and Scotland, and see interviews with modern-day leaders like Heidi Baker and Ray Hughes. Much of the film has already been captured, but we still need a few more shoots to finish the project.  You can be a part of making it happen!


A donation of any size will go straight to the project!  For $50 or more, you will receive a copy of the DVD in early 2019. 


Just  few of the many testmonies:

Recently "Celtic Pilgrimage" was aired on TBN in the UK.  I've heard so much powerful feedback of how it's touched people-- they've aired it 3 times in the first 4 months of it's release, because of the response of their audience!   I've just signed with GOD TV to air the program on their worldwide channel.  These broadcasts to not help pay for production, but they are a powerful missions opportunity to reach the nations.


 The film was recently shown in a prision to the inmates in Alaska.  Normally the buzzer goes off after 30 minutes of time, but for some reason the buzzer never went off and the guards let the audience watch the entire film.  One inmate who was very defensive to the Gospel suddenly became open and full of questions after watching the film, because he remembered his mother talking about the Celtic saints.  This memory opened the opportunity for the team to share Christ's love.


A man in Scotland watched the film with a friend.  He had been very jaded toward religion, but after seeing the ancient revival depicted this way, he saw Christianity in an entire new light and was able to have an open, honest conversation about what it meant to follow Christ.


A woman in Ireland was told by the Holy Spirit, "Turn on the TV."  She didn't really like TV because she thought it was boring, but she flipped it on to discover Celtic Pilgrimage airing on TBN.  Being a tour guide and pastor, she immediately understood the film and became very excited because her team has been praying over the "thin place" in Ireland and believing God for revival.
Please note: this DVD is duplicated which means that is plays on all computers and most DVD players.