Rebecca Friedlander is one of the rising stars of Christian filmmaking today. Her great heart for reaching the souls of this world is equally matched by her cinematic talent, and Biblical wisdom.

- Pam Farrel, author of bestselling book and DVD curriculum - Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

Hundreds of women were blessed by the inspiring music and her amazing testimony and message delivered through her artistry as a potter at a potter’s wheel. As she shaped the clay in her hands, God’s reach to mold us as His children came alive. Rebecca is the full-package deal for a great women’s event.

Debby Lennick
Director of Women’s Ministries, Shadow Mountain Church

We hold a yearly, community-wide women's event that is both multi-denominational and multi-generational and Rebecca's message and story fit both dynamics perfectly!   Whether you are eight or eighty, the truths of the Potter and Clay talk will resonate deeply with the audiences.  Weeks later, we still have many women and their younger daughters discussing the impact of Rebecca's message.

Anne Harrison

Women's Ministry Coordinator, First Baptist Church, Wichita Falls

 I have seen Rebecca teach through the potter demonstration a couple of times now to very different audiences (a room full of ministers and a room full of fathers and their teen daughters - both gave great feedback), and I think it is nothing short of a modern-day parable. I was amazed at the wisdom, grace, and humility that the Spirit of Chris thas poured into her and that therefore overflows into the lives of those listening! The talk manages to include scriptural insight (lots of it), emotional powers, Spiritual depth, and a great analogy about God's relationship to us. Few messages are as important as being reminded who God is and who we are in His Hands. Thanks, Rebecca.

Chris Legg, LPC
Pine Cove Retreat Center Staff Chaplain

If you want to be extremely blessed, go hear Rebecca Friedlander somewhere. If you want to share that extreme blessing with others, book her to come to your church or event. Like NOW. I've been involved in booking speakers and musicians for Christian and secular events for almost twenty years. Both in terms of presentation and dealing with the details, Rebecca exceeds all the expectations. She's delightfully easy to work with. She lead us through a 90-minute worship time that had us singing, sighing, crying, praying, praising, listening, learning, laughing and loving on God while He loved on us. Her piano is gifted, her voice is exquisite, her pottery wheel is fascinating, her sweet spirit is infectious, and besides all that, she's just plain CUTE! Oh yeah, and when I originally met her, she was doing her videography and photography gig. It could be annoying to know someone with so many creative gifts and talents, but Jesus is so real in her that you just have to love her! Seriously. Just do what I say and set a date to have her.

 Kathy Floyd
Women's Ministry Team Leader
East Paris Baptist Church, Paris, Texas

 Rebecca Friedlander was a delight so have in our church. Rebecca uses her God given gifts to proclaim God’s Word with skill and sensitivity. Her talent as a Potter helps her describe in a visual way the relationship we have with our God as His creation. Rebecca uses her gifts as a singer and songwriter to set the stage for her ministry as God’s storyteller. I highly recommend Rebecca and her multi-dimensional ministry to you.

Fr. Kevin Whittmayer ~Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

We have known Rebecca and her ministry for nearly 10 years now. We were excited to have her come and speak to our students as our primary ministry speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week in January of 2014. She spoke to our students in 7th through 12th grade and did an incredible job. She was sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and actively engaged the students.  It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of ministry recommendation for a dear and precious sister and Christ, Rebecca Friedlander.
Aaron Bequette~ Senior Pastor, Northside Christian Center


There comes a rare moment in time when you connect with an unforgettable person who so touches your life and inspires you to reach for The More. Rebecca Friedlander is this "kindred spirit!" Whether ministering to children, youth or adults, her message is full of gratitude, joy and passion. She is transparent, allowing the deep love of her Father to pour forth through her songs, her pottery presentation, her life. This multi-talented woman, with a clear message of Redemption, ministers in such a powerful way and brings a Now Word that the very atmosphere around her is changed! Thank you, Rebecca, for reminding us that God loves His clay at every point along the way!

Susan Stone ~ Co-pastor of First Baptist Clayton

My husband and I have frequently been blessed by Rebecca Friedlander's love of Jesus and by the talents that He has given her.Though it's a joy to listen to Rebecca's music, the best part is that Rebecca worships as she sings; her praise carries you into the presence of the Lord. Rebecca teaches of the Lord's love for us -- and our appropriate response -- through words, songs and creation of pottery. Since she is led by the Spirit, Rebecca's presentations are always fresh and different. But each time is God-centered and wonderful. Rebecca has dedicated her life to loving and following Jesus -- and it shows--.

Dr. Christine Beaucage Ph.D ~Co-owner of Paraclete Publishing & Rec Room Ministries Tustin, CA

(Letter from Youth Group Member of First Baptist Church of Ducanville)

Hi Becca! This is Mallory! I loved how you sing and the way that you make your pots! I think that you are a really cool person! From what you did on Wednesday, it like changed my life! What I mean is, from your songs and all the things you talked about, I was like she is really in love with God and I want to be just like her! I just wanted to say that you have changed my heart and life! So I just wanted to say, "Thank you soo much for changing my life!" Well I have to go to school now!

Your friend, Mallory

Rebecca Friedlander shared with our children at Mobberly for Friend Day. In all, we had about 400 children. Although the children varied in ages from 4 years to 6th Grade, they were very attentive to her demonstration...

Her ability to teach God's Word through these mediums was exciting to witness.  Our children enjoyed her very much.

Jean Conaway ~ Director of Children's Ministries at Mobberly Baptist Church