Docrinal Statement

Rebecca Friedlander & Olive Branch Ministries Doctrinal Statement

This ministry exists to encourage, strengthen, and teach people about Jesus Christ, the intimacy that He desires to have with us, and the purpose He has for our lives.    While Rebecca considers herself non-denominational, she believes that the truth found in Scripture concering the Potter and Clay are applicible to all churches who embrace the basic tenants of the Christian faith.   She frequently ministers at: Baptist, Non-Denom, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Episcopalian, Methodist, and Spirit Filled churches.   See References

OBM endorses the apostle’s creed as doctrine, believes that the Bible is the Word of God, that it should be applied to our daily lives, and that the Holy Spirit is alive and available to interact with us intimately on an every day basis.

We believe that the salvation of God for eternal life and filling of the Holy Spirit is free and should be proclaimed to all people, not regarding their nationality, skin color, culture, or social status.

OBM also makes a strong stand for Israel and the Jewish people, that the land which God gave to them in the State of Israel should be under Jewish rule and government. And we believe that the covenant God made with Israel as found in Genesis 12:2, 3 is still true and valid today.

Rebecca Friedlander uses the creative arts and worship as the means to share the promises of God and His heart with His people. Her topics include Restoration and Worship as she ministers out of the well of her own life and lessons she has learned from the Lord in His Word and her own life.