Pioneers Film

Annie Herring

Both as a solo artist and member of the group "Second Chapter of Acts," Annie's unique voice and powerful lyrics were forefront in birthing what we know as CCM music.  She and her husband Buck now live in Colorado.

Randy Stonehill

Randy's ability as a storyteller and guitarist gave him a platform in the Jesus Movement and continue to move audiences today.   When not on the road, Randy and his wife Leslie live in South Carolina.

Phil Keaggy
One of the most talented guitarists on the planet, Phil's ingenious way of communicating on 6 guitar strings has captured audiences for decades.   He and his wife Bernadette live outside of Nashville, TN.

Dennis Jernigan
Dennis was a worship songwriter before that was "cool!"   His song "All in All" is wife Muskogee, OK with his wife, Melinda and several of their nine children who are still in the nest. 

Babb Mason

Prolific songwriter, author and speaker at Women of Faith events,  Babbie loves to share her soulful voice in cross-cultural minsitry that now spans several generations.  She and her husband live in Georgia.

David Meece

Originally a concert pianist who studied at the music concervetory, David crafts rock piano songs with thought-provoking lyrics.  His song "We are the reason" is sung all over the world.   David and Debbie make their home outside of Nashville, TN.


 Dubbed the "first lady" of CCM, Honetree's simplicity and beautiful lyrics touched lives in the Jesus Movement culture.   Today she continues to do concerts and ministers to the hispanic community through TV.

Paul Clark

Songwriter, guitarist, evangelist... etc!  Paul considers music a tool to preach the gospel and continues to share all over the world.

Chuck Girard

 Founder of the first "CCM rock band" called Lovesong, Chuck has been on the road for decades.  He coninues to pass the legacy along to young artists, including his daughter who sang in the band Zoe Girl.

Dallas Holm

Not only is Dallas a prolific songwriter and storyteller, but a great Bible Teacher as well.    He continues touring, often accompanied by his wife.   They live in East Texas.

Rebecca Friedlander

producer/worship leader/artist

With a passion to use music and the arts for the Kingdom of God, Rebecca writes and records music, leads worship, speaks with her potter's wheel, and hosts a TV show, "Seeds."   This is her second documentary to film as a videographer.

Chris & Robyn Rice

songwriters/worship leaders

The Rices are on their worship team at church, and Chris was in a band for a number of years. 



 solo artist and worshipper

Unforgetable voice!   Camille performs concerts as a solo artist.

Levi Kitchen

solo artist/worship leader

Acoustic guitarist and songwriter, Levi leads worship for severa churches and performs concerts.

Michael Janetis

worship leader, singer/songwriter

Michael leads worship along with his wife Jaime at his church.

Matthew Jackson

solo artist/worship leader/band member

While frequently leading songs at his home church, Matt also performs as part of the band, Flood Mercia

Leighchelle Methvin

 worship leader at her church

Jeff Carson

worship leader/songwriter

Jeff is a full-time worship pastor at his church

Shana Strange

worship leader/songwriter